ULTIMATE DRUMMERS WEEKEND, a new subsidiary event under Singapore Drum Fest created in 2016 is the representation of the longest standing drum weekend in the history of Singapore. We have featured more than 50 big name musicians and definitely excellent drummers in the past 12 years. Its a weekend of intensive music performances and drum masterclasses mixed and mashed up to offer the audience a super memorable long weekend! As another part of ULTIMATE DRUMMERS WEEKEND, Saturday is also the Grand Finals of Drum-Off Global which is an extremely important half of the weekend. This is a worldwide contest where the best amateur drummers of the world travel to Singapore to compete for the highest honour of being crowned the Grand Champion of Drum-Off Global. 

The goal of ULTIMATE DRUMMERS WEEKEND in its totality, aims to build up and raise the worldwide fever for excellent music appreciation and music education. To strengthen a sustainable musician career life by empowering them to see the potential of success when they set their sights on higher ideals.

Our reach is unlimited, as a special and niche targeted event, this is also an industry-all-know event... with many drummers around South East Asia and even North Asia, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong etc , even as far as North America knows and hones in on our events! Our social pages and partner's pages are poised and positioned to reach more than 2 million drummers annually.

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