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3 Unique Prizes for 2019


1)  All winners will receive a unique, one and only in the world CYMBAL TROPHY & PERCUSSION TROPHY commemorating their victory

2)  All winners will get to do a special performance show at Drumeo HQ, in Canada

(Special program to feature all category winners of Drum-Off Global 2019 - length approx 90 mins long) 


3)  All winners will also get an exclusive interview and 7 days of being featured on Drum Talk TV channel


Plus many Drum prizes to be announced!


Drum-Off Global is an annual international event and the ultimate drum solo competition that gives drummers an opportunity to showcase their skills, and to use as a platform to advance their career further. 


Competitors from Asia Pacific and as far as North America and Europe will participate in this competition. All competitors who make it past the first round of the competition will compete in the Semi-Finals in Singapore where they aim to lock their place in the Grand Finals to emerge as the Grand Champion of Drum-Off Global 2019. 


Drum-Off Global is the perfect platform for drummers to interact with other drummers from all over the world. Most importantly, it encourages drummers to get their creative juices flowing by exposing them to more drumming techniques, taking on new ideas and turning it into a style of their own.


From its inception, Drum-Off Global has been focused on the musicianship of individual drummers. For Drum-Off Global 2019, we will be bringing the competition to the next level by introducing a brand new category; the Rhythm DUO category. This category will put the drummer’s and percussionist’s musicianship to the test; displaying their ability to work together with another rhythmic partner.

Why held in Singapore? 

Singapore is a modernised cosmopolitan city and is ranked as the safest city in 2018 by World Justice Project.

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most preferred location for holding international meet ups, events and conferences due to its strong international appeal. Strategically located in South East Asia, Singapore is easily accessible by everyone all over the world. Also being a safe and multi-lingual society, with a strong command of both English and Mandarin language by the majority, visiting competitors will find themselves quickly at ease with the environment. Lastly, coupled with a fast and efficient public transport, competitors will have a peace of mind travelling from their hotel to the competition venue.


Be greeted by Singapore's latest crown JEWEL the moment you arrive! 
Visit the JEWEL at Terminal 1, Changi Airport

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