Frequently Asked Questions


Is Drum-Off Global trying to promote Music as a sports contest?

No. Here is what our director said in 2017… "At Drum-Off Global, we believe that Music is not a sport, however, the element of “reaching higher” during the preparations for a competition inevitably makes the contestant a better player of their instrument.

 It is evident with all the Music competitions around the world and how many, many music legends emerged from these contests through the generations.

…and the person that you should be concerned about “beating” should be none other than yourself!”

Can family members form the duo in the new Rhythm DUO category?

Yes! Father & Son, Father & Daughter, Brother & Brother, Sister and Brother, Sister & Sister and the combinations go on!

How Do I Sign Up?

Competitors can take part in either ONE of the following ways: 1. YouTube Auditions (for competitors outside Singapore) In order to compete, you must sign up online by completing the registration form and payment must be made.
2. Live Auditions (for everyone around the world and from Singapore)

If I am not selected on 3 June 2019 for the Semi-Finals after my Youtube audition, can I try again by taking part in the “Live” Audition held in Singapore on 13 and 14 July 2019?

YES but you will have to register and pay the registration fee again.

When Is The Closing Date for Registration?

YouTube Auditions: 3rd June 2019 (Monday)
Live Auditions: 14th July 2019 (Sunday)

I am 15 years old and I feel confident enough in my drumming. Can I join the Open category instead of the Intermediate category?

Yes. You have a choice to join either category but you can only choose one Drum Set Solo category to join. *Note: If you are below 18 years old, you will need parent/guardian consent. By competing in Drum-Off Global 2019, you are deemed as you agree and state that you meet all of our eligibly requirements. If at any time it is determined that you don't meet the eligibility requirements, you will be disqualified.

What Are The Registration Fees?

The registration fee for Drum set solo category is SGD$100.00. The registration fee for Rhythm DUO category is SGD$130.00.

I Don't Have a Credit Card. Any Other Ways to Pay?

Not to worry!
Contact us at: info@fest-events.com
And we will work out a solution with you!

How Does The Competition Work?

IMPORTANT NOTES Competitors qualified for the Semi-Finals will be:

  • Required to attend the Semi-Finals and the Grand Finals held in Singapore.
  • Required to bear all travel cost (Airfare & Accommodations in Singapore) at their own expense.

Why Are Only Drum Solos and Snare Drum Rudiments Allowed? Can We Use Music Backing Tracks to Compete?

Drum Solos and Snare Drum Rudiments are more accurate ways to gauge a drummer's skill-level and creativity. Backing tracks create a false perception of a drummer's ability due to the use of other musical elements in the song. Also, it might lead to inaccurate judging decisions, since not all judges might be able to appreciate the style of music the contestant is playing along to.

Can I Bring My Own Gear?

Please refer to Drum-Off Global Requirements and Regulations page.

What is the connection between Ultimate Drummers Weekend and Drum-Off Global?

As the name implies, Ultimate Drummers Weekend is a weekend of Super-Drumming goodness. There are 2 very unique elements that form this weekend:
 a) Saturday => Drum-Off Global Grand Finals – featuring the best drumming talents from around the world
b) Sunday => Drum Festival performances featuring professional drummers from around the globe from noon till evening
We encourage everyone from Drum-Off Global to hang out the whole week with us from 27 August till 1 Sept 2019, 7pm.

What if I Have a Question and It's Not Found Here?

If you have any other questions, you can email us at info@fest-events.com or call us at
+(65) 67866500 for more information.

Why is there a Girls Category? Does the competition think that female drummers are not as good as male drummers?

Of course not. All ladies are welcome to compete with the guys in the Super Junior, Junior, Intermediate and Open categories. However, the reason we have a separate category or specifically “Girls”, it is because we hope to encourage the ladies to get into the competition more. If you look at the history of all past drumming contest worldwide, it’s dominated by males. 
The trend is actually changing and many ladies are getting into drumming. We hope to see more girls coming forth to compete with the guys in the other categories, by then we will surely aim to remove this Girls category.

If I am 18 years old, can I join Intermediate and Open Category?

No, you can only choose one Drum Set Solo category for each year's competition. So you need to choose between Intermediate and open category.

If I am already joining a Drum Set Solo category for Drum-Off Global 2019, can I still join the competition in the Rhythm Duo category for Drum-Off Global 2019?

Yes, you can. However, you need to register twice and pay the respective registration fees.

Why is Singapore an ideal place to host Drum-Off Global?

Singapore is a modernised cosmopolitan city and is ranked as the safest city in 2018 by World Justice Project.

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most preferred location for holding international meet ups, events and conferences due to its strong international appeal. Strategically located in South East Asia, Singapore is easily accessible by everyone all over the world. Also being a safe and multi-lingual society, with a strong command of both English and Mandarin language by the majority, visiting competitors will find themselves quickly at ease with the environment. Lastly, coupled with a fast and efficient public transport, competitors will have a peace of mind travelling from their hotel to the competition venue.

Concerning the opportunity to perform my drum solo at Drumeo, does it also include an all expense paid trip?

It is not included. When you win the Drum-Off Global in your category, this gives you the right and privilege of performing your Winning Drum Solo at Drumeo that will propel your music career and create higher profile for you.
DRUMEO is the no.1 Drum Music Channel. https://blog.feedspot.com/drums_youtube_channels/

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