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“At DRUM-OFF GLOBAL, we believe that Music is not a sport, however, the element of “reaching higher” during the preparations for a competition inevitably makes the contestant a better player of their instrument.

It is evident with all the Music competitions around the world and how many, many music legends emerged from these contests through the generations.

I wish you the very best in this year's drum-off and the person that you should be concerned about “beating” should be none other than yourself!”


Tan Boon




“Last year we saw a magnificent gathering of some of the best Champions coming from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hong Kong & even as far as the USA! 

We witnessed how each of them pushed themselves beyond their limits in order to excel and surpass their old-drumming selves. And they did this on our recognized Drum-Off battleground, right before the eyes of renowned professional drummers such as Stanley Randolph, Jost Nickel, Juan Carlito Mendoza, Federico Paulovich, Meytal Cohen & eleven other Professional Musicians from Singapore.

Another great phenomenon observed was; an evident Espirit De Corps among the contestants, honoring and helping one another even in the setting up and sharing of gear. It was wonderful to discover the great, positive attitudes shared among the drummers despite coming from different backgrounds and culture.


As we present the competition with even greater additions and surprises! I wish you the very best at this year's Drum Off. Let Your Hunger For True Greatness Light Your Way to DRUM-OFF 2018 this year, and may the flame and passion of drumming burn ever brighter in our world!

Tan Boon
Drum-Off Global

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