1. Drum Off Singapore is open to all drummers of all races, nationalities and genders.
         2. Contestants are only allowed to participate in 1 category that they fall under.
         3. This contest is for qualified amateurs. A “qualified amateur” is defined as one who does not earn more than $42,000                           gross income per year as a professional performing musician, based on the previous tax year.

Registration Fee

          SGD$80.00 per application (YouTube Auditions)

Online Application

          Online registration will begin 10 March 2017 (Friday)
          Closing date: 21 May 2017 (Sunday)


     1. Junior*
          12 years of age & below

     2. Intermediate*
          18 years of age & below

     3. Girls
          25 years of age & below

     4. Open*
          No age restrictions

          *Categories are open to both genders.

Competition Flow

          You have a choice to attend the auditions in Singapore OR submit a YouTube audition video.

          For YouTube Submission

            1. Register & make payment by 10 May 2017 (Extended to 21 May 2017)

            2. Submit your YouTube video link to by 21 May 2017

            3. Shortlisted contestants will be notified by email, and their audition videos will be placed onto our website.

            4. 8 qualifying contestants from each category will then proceed to the Semi-Finals held at Singapore Expo, Singapore, on                     the 4 July 2017 . Finalists will be announced after each categories' contestants have performed.

            5. 3 Finalists from each category will then compete together with 3 Singapore Finalists for the Champion title at the Finals                      of Drum Off Singapore 2017 at Singapore Expo on 5 & 6 Aug 2017.

           Submission format:

                   A. Contestants must introduce themselves with a clear frontal facial view at the start of the video followed by a                                        4-5-minute solo performance with no music tracks or no accompaniment of musicians from a slightly elevated side                               angle from the left-hand side (for right handed drummers) where movement of the hands, drum sticks, 2 rack toms,                             floor tom and both the right and left legs are clear. Video must be captured in one continuous take.

          NOTE: Drum kit should only consist of four or five-piece drum kit complete with hardware, a pair of hi hats and maximum 4                            more cymbals and a cowbell.

                   B. Upload your video to YouTube with the following name format:
                            Drum Off Singapore 2017 Auditions, <Category>, <Contestant's Name>, <Country>
                            Example: Drum Off Singapore 2017 Auditions, Open Category, Alan Smith, United Kingdom

                   C. Submit your YouTube link to by 21 May 2017


      Contestants qualified for the Semi-Finals will be:

      1. Required to attend the Semi-Finals on the 4 Aug 2017, and Finals on either 5th or 6th August, held at Singapore                                 Expo, Singapore.

      2. Required to bear all travel cost (Airfare & Accommodations in Singapore) at their own expense.

      3. Given a 2-Day Access Pass to Singapore Drum Fest: Ultimate Drummers' Weekend 2017

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